Hospitals and Health Systems

25 of the top U.S. health systems and hospitals trust their payment to Zelis Payments.

Experience Greater Efficiency

  • Go to one place to match what you billed versus paid from more than 330 payers
  • Route payments by TIN, NPI or location for treasury simplification - ensuring payments and data are delivered to proper endpoints within your organization
  • Split electronic remittances (835s) files and combine payments to increase operational efficiency across your enterprise

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See how accuracy can simplify your revenue cycle:

Smart Routing

For large hospitals and health systems, Zelis Payments Smart Routing eliminates the need for re-routing of funds and data by offering automated delivery to preferred locations within the organization.

Detailed & Balanced 835s

Zelis Payments is the only payment solution that extracts remittance directly from the payer’s claims adjudication system for details, accurate, error-free data.

Simplified Data Handling

Manage payments and data from multiple payers via one account with Zelis Payments. Delivery of payments and data may also be aggregated to simplify handling and increase efficiency.