Get paid fast by multiple payers.

Clean data and expedited payments means spending less time on the phone with payers and more on patient care. Zelis Payments delivers payments with enhanced data quality and total access to payments information in one consolidated multi-payer account.

Experience what powers Zelis Payments:

    Increase cash flow

  Eliminate manual tasks

    Reduced overhead expenses

    Choose how your data & payments are delivered

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Discover what works best for your business:

Zelis ACH
With ACH, you get paid weeks faster than by mailed check. No more costly manual processes and workarounds. Zelis simplifies administrative work so employees can focus their efforts more effectively. You can manage all your payment information in our easy-to-use provider portal. Improve visibility with 24/7 access to 10 years of payments history by claim or patient as well as previously downloaded remittance files. 700K+ providers already trust Zelis to handle their payment transactions.
Zelis ACH allows the choice of what works best for your business:
  • 835 or Explanation of Payments (EOP) are available in CSV, XLS, or PDF formats
  • Receive remittances by secure download, secure FTP or secure email

Zelis Virtual Card
We’ve partnered with Mastercard to provide secure, card-based payments. Simply enter the virtual card number into your card terminal and you’re done. Forget about wasted time from fixing errors. In the provider portal, you can quickly investigate payments history by claim or patient up to 10 years back. Print or download data in whichever format you prefer (835, CSV, XLS, or PDF). With 330 payers instead of just one, we have an ever-growing network to help you get your money fast.
Delivery Options:
  • Fax containing the Explanation of Payment (EOP), virtual card information and payments instructions.
  • One fax represents one claim payments. Secure Download includes a CSV file with virtual card numbers and EOP PDFs